Jun 18, 2013; Flowery Branch, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White (84) shown on the field during minicamp at the Falcons Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Roddy White Says Jurors Should "Kill Themselves" On Twitter

After the George Zimmerman verdict late last night, Twitter exploded with reactions from thousands of people. Unfortunately, one of those people was Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Roddy White.

White has always been a vocal person but has created controversy with many of his tweets. This is what he decided was appropriate to post on twitter last night:


Whether or not you agree or disagree with the verdict is irrelevant here. Roddy White and other athletes (including Victor Cruz of the New York Giants) have to realize the platform that they are given because of their athletic prowess in the NFL. You simply can’t tweet about telling people to kill themselves when you are supposed to be a role model for thousands of kids.

Victor Cruz sent out a tweet that he later deleted, but with Twitter, if it’s up for two seconds it may as well be permanent:

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While not as bad as White’s, this is something a professional athlete should know not to do. Cruz realized that a bit too late and apparently Roddy just doesn’t care. His tweet is still up on his account. It’s about time NFL players realize that they are payed to play football and nothing else.

What are your thoughts on White’s tweet? Also, let’s keep it as sports related as possible please.











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  • Dustin Black

    Roddy stepped over yet another line. At least he apologized on his own already.

    • Carlos Collazo

      That’s good to hear I guess. But he should have learned by now to think about the things he says. Come on man.

      • Dustin Black

        Yeah not his first strike. Being a public figure like that has its price. Part of the reason he gets paid so much is to portray a good image of him and the organization. On the other hand we all have the right to free speech and that right is granted even if we don’t like what we hear. I just hope he tries to take an extra couple of minutes before hitting send from now on.

  • Trakar

    I don’t think these players are expressing anything that a majority of the nation didn’t empathize and agree with in the immediate aftermath of the travesty that was a clear miscarriage of justice in Florida.