Tony Gonzalez probably didn't come back for one more year just to make a bit more money and have some fun. He wants a ring... bad. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl Or Bust For The Atlanta Falcons?

With Matt Ryan’s contract extension now a done deal, many people have talked about the increased pressure on him to succeed going forward. It was going to happen. Every time a big player signs an even bigger contract fans, writers, and experts like to discuss whether or not said player can “live up” to the new expectations or not.

But how about an entire team? Before a single game has been played this season?

Apparently Deion Sanders thinks the Falcons are in for a “Super Bowl or bust” kind of season:

Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders believes that the Falcons are embarking on a “Super Bowl or Bust” mission this season.

“These guys are pretty much in a situation where it’s Super Bowl or not,” Sanders told Then Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “That’s where they are. They have a quarterback that is stable. That’s poised. He’s a veteran. He received what he earned and I’m happy for him. I think for this team, it’s Super Bowl or bust and I think they can get there.”

While some people may be a bit surprised to hear this given ESPN’s coverage of the Seahawks, Broncos, 49ers, RGIII, and Aaron Hernandez… Falcons fans know better. Those that keep up with the team know that Atlanta is sporting one of the league’s best offenses again this year but with a better running back. They recognize that they probably have the game’s best tight end in Tony Gonzalez for one more season. They know that you would be hard-pressed to find a wide receiver tandem that tops Roddy White and Julio Jones. They know that Stephen Jackson is going to make the run and passing game significantly better than what Michael Turner could do. And they know that they have a top NFL QB leading them all down the field in Matt Ryan.

That top-notch offense gets people excited for the playoffs and possibly another 13-3 season. The additions that have been made to the defensive side of the team (specifically at defensive back) do the rest and get Falcons fans excited for the Super Bowl.

So… yes, there is definitely some truth to what Deion Sanders says. We don’t know if that’s the mentality that the players and coaches hold (we can sure hope so) but Sanders is definitely not the only person to think this; he’s just the first one to say it.


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  • Dustin Black

    I think the team is always in Super Bowl or Bust mode. I think every team is but this team is trying its best to stay in that shared mindset. This year is make or break for one area in particular, and that is the scouting department. If none of the young defensive ends or defensive tackles steps up and produces this year I guarantee you that is where the heads will roll at the end of the season.

    • Carlos Collazo

      I agree with you but some teams are considered more of a “failure” than other teams if they don’t win a super bowl. Steelers want one every year but are they a failure if they don’t win this one? Not really, they aren’t ready this year.

      • Dustin Black

        True, but in the salary cap era teams that are at the bottom of the NFL can rocket to the top in a single offseason, and vise versa. I do agree that once you are considered “rebuilding” the bar is set fairly low. On the flip side of the coin once you are a playoff caliber team the bar is set, maybe too high. In any matter every team is given ample opportunity to get their respective teams to the post season and in actuality are Super Bowl contenders until their records say otherwise later on in the season.