Sep 29, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib (31) celebrates a pass break up in the end zone intended for Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White (84) in the final seconds in the fourth quarter at the Georgia Dome. The Patriots won 30-23. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Falcons Drop To 1-3 After 30-23 Loss To Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons have a lot of questions to answer after their 30-23 loss to the New England Patriots at home.

What exactly are they going to do to fix their terrible offense in the redzone? With so many tools on the offensive side of the ball (including a world class tight end in Tony Gonzalez) this is pretty worrisome. Maybe it’s because Stephen Jackson is injured and they don’t have that big back needed on the goal line. Maybe it’s because the offensive line just doesn’t give Matt Ryan enough time to throw the ball.

Either way something’s got to change about what the team does close to the end zone and especially late in games, as this one came down to a final drive right in the red zone. This marks yet another game that was lost, despite having a great drive down the field near the very end of the game.

It’s becoming a bit of a theme.

The highlights for the night for Atlanta were… well probably just one: Tony Gonzalez.

He had an outstanding game with two touchdowns and 149 yards on 12 receptions. Time after time Ryan would look to Gonzalez to keep the drive alive and time after time Gonzalez was there to make another great catch.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the case with Ryan and his other top targets, Julio Jones and Roddy White. Sure Jones finished the game 108 yards but he only had six catches while White ended up with just three. There were several big plays that Ryan could have made to both of the receivers, but simply made bad throws.

The Falcons had no problem moving the ball (they totaled 457 yards, more than the Pats) but they are relying on the passing game a bit too much (just 58 rushing yards) and this means teams only have to focus on one aspect of the game.

This can’t continue to happen if the Falcons want to succeed.

Defensively it was a bit of a nightmare the entire game. The running game was unstoppable for the Dirty Birds in the first half, moving the chains over and over before Tom Brady tossed his first TD to some guy named Matthew Mulligan.

In the end, Brady threw for 316 yards and two touchdowns while the running game between Stevann Ridley and Lagarrette Blount was solid as well. The two amassed most of the team’s 132 yards on the ground and Blount picked up a 47 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

The team is banged up on defense, but when has a football team ever been healthy for the entire year?

It’s time for the Falcons to turn there season around, because it will be over with a few more games like this one.

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  • Felicia Fitzgerald

    “In the end, Brady through for 316 yards and two touchdowns”

    Threw. As in threw up as a result of reading such horrible grammar.

    • Carlos Collazo

      Fixed. Thanks. Apologies.

  • phallisy

    Ok the Flacons Defense really stinks but don’t get me wrong
    their offense lines really blows as well. I was going to call in the show
    right after the Stephen Jackson Signing and voice my concern but never did.

    I know now I look like a Monday morning Quarterback but this
    is what I have on him. I knew he would be a bust and not work out for many
    reasons. He is not a winner point blank! I have played sports my entire life
    and have been on undefeated teams and some teams not so good. I have won
    many city championship in ALTA tennis and it’s a huge difference when you play
    with someone who knows how to win rather than a very talented player who

    Stephen Jackson is a great athlete no question about it and
    probably has a good work ethic. He is not a winner though. His record after 9
    seasons with the rams was 44-99 the best they ever did was win 8 games . His 3
    years in college he never won more than 8 games in a season. The most
    successful season he ever had was in High school in Nevada which he LOST
    in the final game. Not sure how completive Nevada high school football is but I
    feel pretty confident it doesn’t compare to the south. The last factor is how
    can you sign a running back that has been in the league for 9 years and
    think they are going to carry the load. This league is about fresh legs and
    drafting young studs that will carry the load for 4 to 5 years tops.

    Without the running game the opposing team knows we
    are throwing every down. You can read this on the air if you wish are just
    email me back with your candid thoughts.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    • Carlos Collazo

      Thanks for the comment man, I really appreciate it.

      The offensive line being bad is duly noted but I do think you are being pretty harsh on Stephen Jackson. He’s been a solid runner in the league for years and claiming that he’s not a winner because his team has stunk for all those years is a bit of a stretch.

      Football is a team sport and everyone’s success is indicative of the guy lining up beside him/in front of him/behind him and the guys on the bench.

      I believe Jackson can still come back and provide a solid running threat for the Falcons, but it’s still up to the line to give him some support. We will see.

      • phallisy

        everything I stated about Steven Jackson is factual. you can’t blame the offense of line for him dropping a touchdown that would have won the game.Winners and Champions catch that ball. signing a 10 year veteran is not a good investment at the running back position.him sitting on the sidelines hurt validates my opinion on that.

        • Carlos Collazo

          We’ll just have to disagree on that. I think he is a good addition to the team.