Rennie Curran Discusses His New Book “Free Agent”


Many people know Rennie Curran the football player. He was the All-American linebacker for the Georgia Bulldogs who dominated opposing offenses during his three years between the hedges. However, very few people know Rennie Curran the man – until now.

Rennie Curran: professional football player and published author.

Curran recently announced the upcoming release of his new book “Free Agent: The Perspective of a Young African-American Athlete”. In the book, readers will get an inside look at the life of Rennie Curran as he recounts his experiences of triumph and joy, failure and adversity, and overcoming the obstacles that were thrown his way. Curran also gives advice and inspiration throughout the book to those who are facing similar crossroads in their lives.

I was able to catch up with the former UGA star and new author to get his own perspective on his upcoming book:

First off, I want to congratulate you on the release of your first book. I know that a lot of people are looking forward to reading it. Did you ever think that you would become a published author when you started your football career?

Thanks a lot. It’s definitely a surreal feeling to say that I actually wrote a book. If anybody would have told me I would be a published author when I started playing football, I would have laughed in their face. I hated writing even a two page paper when I was younger. My teachers literally had to force me to write. The only literature I was good at writing was love letters.

Is the book just about football, or does it focus on other aspects of life as well?

One of the most important themes of the book is the fact that the principles discussed are universal for all walks of life. Anybody can relate to the topics in this book. It’s definitely not a book just for football or football players. The cool thing is that readers who don’t know anything about the game of football will be able to learn about the concepts of the game and how they pertain to life, and the athlete who knows everything about the game will be able to see that what they do on the field can be applied to life. Whether you are a musician, doctor, salesperson, etc. – you will benefit from this book and the principles discussed.

What events in your life inspired you to write this book?

Being released from my first NFL team inspired me to write this book. I was in a time of uncertainty – a time when I didn’t know what my next move in life would be. I realized that I could be depressed, go into hiding, and totally give up on my dreams, or I could keep fighting and leave success as my only option. Also, I realized that my story could inspire many people who are going through the same trials. A book is the perfect way to inspire because – once written – it can be around for ages. I am inspired by having something that can extend a positive influence far beyond anything I can do on a football field.

Since you want the book to be an inspiration to others, what is the main message that you hope to relay to your readers who are facing adversity?

I want them to realize that adversity is not always meant to destroy you. A lot of times, adversity is what causes the transformation that makes us who we are. It builds character, reveals weaknesses, and shows you what matters the most in life at the end of the day – like family and faith.

When and where can people get their copy of “Free Agent”?

There are three ways to get a copy of “Free Agent”. You can pre-order the book on my website at, come visit me at my first book signing on April 6th from 10am-1pm at the UGA bookstore, or you can get it on eBooks (Amazon, iBooks, BookBaby, etc.) after April 6th.