ATL AM: Atlanta Sports News 6/10


Jan 13, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White (84) makes a catch against Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman (25) during the first quarter of the NFC divisional playoff game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

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Today’s poll features the Atlanta Falcons and their dynamite offense. We have so many weapons, and I wanted to know who you guys thought was the most critical to the offensive success. For obvious reasons I won’t include Matt Ryan. The QB of any time just has so much influence on everything that it’s really not fair for the other skill guys.

And here are the links for today:

TomahawkTake–My good friend Fred Owens takes a look at the Atlanta Braves second round selection Victor Caratini. I’m hoping to get my thoughts up on the pick sometime soon as well:

"While Caratini is nominally a catcher scouts are divided on whether he can be a good one. One report said “. . .his receiving is simply too rough and though athletic in a baseball sense he doesn’t have the fluidity or flexibility you’d like to see in a catcher. . .” while Perfect Gamereports “. . . scouts still view Caratini mostly as a catcher on the strength of his sound defensive skills and enthusiastic style of play.”  Those that like him as a catcher don’t like him at third and vice versa. So I guess you pays your money and you take your pick.What’s not in question however is his bat. According to Perfect Game, “…Caratini’s ability to square up balls from both sides with a controlled, aggressive approach has set him apart as the best all-around hitting prospect in the Florida (Junior Colleges) . . . he spent most of the 2013 season playing largely out of position at third base. . (he) excelled defensively at third with his range and superior arm strength, but scouts still view Caratini mostly as a catcher on the strength of his sound defensive skills and enthusiastic style of play, though his bat remains the strength of his game.”"

BloggingDirty–Not only is the title incredibly witty, but the content Robert Stephens gives you in this piece discussing the Roddy White-Richard Sherman battle is great, too:

"After all that mess, Roddy only stated he would wait until the season.  If any of you have a younger sibling who, after you feel you landed a great attack during an argument, and their only response is “Okay, sure.” You get real irritated.  Apparently Dick never got over that.After Roddy’s release as the 39th best player in the entire league, Dick claimed that to him, Roddy White is not a top 100 player.There is no secret that Dick is not a big fan of Roddy, but White only responded with a laugh and stated “The rest of the players in this league know what I can do, and, um, that’s why I’m higher on this list than he is.”  This is basically saying “Scoreboard” to an angry loser trying to get off cheap shots at you.I can only assume this is going to further anger Sherman.  Roddy is only playing it cool, hasn’t really taken any pot shots at his aggressor and just laughed at the silly and childish name calling.  Nothing infuriates an egotistical loudmouth begging for attention than being shrugged off and ignored.This “easy matchup” burned Dick again for the second time (the first being a 47 yard touchdown.)  I for one cannot wait for the 2013 matchup in Atlanta.  I expect another whiny Sherman blaming another touchdown or two on someone else due to it not being his coverage and making a season of excuses.  See Dick talk.  See Dick Try.  See Dick Cry."–Daniel Cox writes about how the Falcons are going to try and improve on their No-Huddle offense this year. I’m really excited to watch these guys this year:

"Every team wants to play fast and players frequently relate playing fast on the field to playing well. To play fast, you have to practice fast, and that’s what the Falcons are doing right now during OTAs.The Falcons haven’t been known as a heavy no-huddle offense under coordinator Dirk Koetter, but quarterbackMatt Ryan has a proven track record of operating the no-huddle with success during his time in the NFL.Koetter said earlier this week they’re working on offense out of the no huddle during OTAs as they install the 2013 playbook.“We’re doing a ton of no-huddle right now just because it makes you play fast and it makes you communicate,” Koetter said.Using the no-huddle now in puts the onus on the players to be prepared at practice because out of the no-huddle Ryan is calling the plays at the line of scrimmage based on what he sees. Ryan is required to communicate on the fly what is happening and the other 10 players must know what is coming. Koetter said communication is key and the no huddle gets everyone up to speed quickly."