ATL AM: Atlanta Sports News 7/3


Apr 28, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) during the game against the San Antonio Spurs in game four of the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s edition of ATL AM is filled with tons of Atlanta Hawks free agency talk. There are tons of rumors flying around, and players are starting to sign, so it should really come as no surprise.

Our poll of the day is also featuring the Atlanta Hawks free agency and their pursuit of Dwight Howard. This has been known for a while now but I’m not a fan of having the big man come to ATL. I think he’s a diva and I’d rather not have to deal with his off-the-court stuff. You might think that’s ridiculous of me considering he’s arguably the best center in the league… so that’s why we are having this poll:

2013 NBA Free Agency Rumors Roundup (Peachtree Hoops)–It sounds like the Rockets and the Hawks are going to be linked a lot this offseason, whether it’s battling for Dwight Howard, or rumors of a sign-and-trade with Josh Smith:

"Obviously, everyone knows that Dwight Howard is going to/has met with the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors as well as the Dallas Mavericksand Los Angeles Lakers. Howard has stated his decision will come on July 10, the first day to officially sign any offers.Josh Smith, also met with the Rockets, who told him they would come after him directly with an offer if the Rockets didn’t sign Howard, per Y! Sports. The Hawks have also been rumored to want to pursue a sign-and-trade with the Rockets, if Howard signs with Houston."

2013 NBA Free Agents: Tyreke Evans to talk to Atlanta Hawks today (Peachtree Hoops)Jason Walker acknowledges the interest that the Hawks have for Evans, but doesn’t seem them being an ideal match because of his lackluster three point shooting and defensive game. I’d have to agree with that, especially once you consider the $44 million offer the Pelicans apparently gave him:

"We can see that Evans finally got back to his rookie season efficiencies (18+ PER, 50+ TS and .EFG), but he doesn’t shoot threes well (28 percent lifetime), averages a mere four free throws a game, and doesn’t seem to offer much defensively, according to the breakdown of his win shares and defensive efficiency.Those numbers don’t seem to fit the threes and D mode that we’ve been projecting to be the order of the day for this Hawks roster and likely why they didn’t take Jamaal Franklin in the draft due to concerns about being able to hit the outside shot."

2013 NBA Free Agent Rumors: Atlanta Hawks interested in Corey Brewer (Peachtree Hoops)Is it bad that I’d rather the Hawks sign this Corey Brewer guy than Dwight Howard? Probably, but hey I’m new to this NBA thing so I’m pulling for the hard working guys:

"Maybe, as his stats show, he is finally forming into a solid, slightly above replacement value player who can play D, hit a corner three and be an effective part of a playoff rotation.Or, we might have seen an outlier season and there is a regression coming from even this modest success as a pro.So why I am so interested in Corey Brewer being a Hawk?First, he hustles — a more talented version of Mario “Flubber” West. He is all over the place, scurrying around defensively, etc.Secondly, he has a tremendous attitude and a hard work ethic, always desirable for a team.Lastly, and probably the most impactful, I watched as he, along with can’t-go-wrong Al Horford, won those two titles for my alma mater, Florida, and did it by knocking down big shots, finishing above the rim and stealing balls like crazy hustling up from behind unsuspecting opponents."

Report: Braves Interested in Joba Chamberlain (Talking Chop)No, no, no. I don’t know why the Braves would be interested in Joba Chamberlain. Please let this not be true. He wouldn’t bring anything to the table but an injury history. No:

"I have some serious concerns about the Braves being interested in Joba, however. He just is not that good anymore and while he could obviously have a nice little stretch for a few months in Atlanta, the odds are he will not be very effective since he hasn’t been for a few years.If the Braves did make a move for Chamberlain I would like to see a prospect included and the Braves move Terdoslavich as well. It would have to be a quality prospect and probably someone who is decently far from the majors. In the end the trade probably does not end up happening, but I see the Yankees as a quality trade partner given Terdoslavich’s and the Yankees’ current situation."