All-Time Falcons Poll: Strong Safety


Sep 25, 2011; Tampa, FL, USA; Atlanta Falcons strong safety William Moore (25) returns an interception against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a game at Raymond James Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Fernando Medina-USA TODAY Sports

The saga continues with the All-Falcons poll series where you as the fan can pick which player is your favorite player at each and every position on offense and defense. The basics are as follows:

Each position will have its own set of parameters for a player to make it onto the list, each poll will be accompanied by a chart that shows each players statistics compared to their peers to illustrate why they qualify for the poll and for the readers base of knowledge, the defensive scheme will be a 4-3 (2 CB’s, 1 FS, 1 SS, 2 OLB’s, 1 MLB, 2 DE’s, 2 DT’s), the offensive scheme will be the I-formation (1 RB, 1 FB, 1 QB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 T, 2 G, 1 C).  The end of the series will be either a chart on who plays each position and a poll to see how well you think it came out. This paragraph will precede each poll for reference.

This poll will deal with the strong safety position. I would like to start by stating that some players will overlap from one poll to another because, out of fairness, they do fit the parameters set forth for both positions. In the case of a player winning both positions, I will use the position that gets the most votes, and the remaining position will go off of the second or third place finisher. Now, after some research the parameters for the strong safety position are the player had to play on the team for AT LEAST 3 consecutive seasons, they have had to record 10 career interceptions and 100 career tackles , and lastly the player DID NOT have to begin or end their career with the Falcons. So there are the parameters for the strong safety position. Let’s see who we have and how they stack up (All statistics brought to you by

Name# of Years in League# of Years on TeamCareer INT’sCareer Tackles
William Moore44 (’09-Present)11160
Lawyer Milloy153 (’06-’08)251028
Scott Case1211 (’84-’94)30960
Marty Carter113  (’99-’01)13867
Erik Coleman93  (’08-’10)11467
Bryan Scott103 (’03-’05)11591

So now that you have all of the information let’s see the fans opinion for the strong safety position. Pick 1 of the 6 options. All thoughts and opinions are valued.