Atlanta Braves: 2013 Was Awesome


October 7, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Atlanta Braves right fielder Jason Heyward (22) reacts after the first inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers in game four of the National League divisional series playoff baseball game at Dodger Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

I had to wait a few days to post this because I was still in my “I hate sports right now because I don’t get to see my team play on” type of temper tantrums–but I think I’m good now.

The 2013 season for the Atlanta Braves was no doubt in my mind one of the most exciting, frustrating, exuberant, saddening roller coaster rides that I’ve sat through in recent memory.

What if I told you that a team who lost a slew of players for extended periods of time (including the entire season) would be able to finish the season 30 games over the .500 mark, win the division by a whopping 10 games, be in first place for 161 games out of the 162-game season, and not complain–not even a whimper–about how the injury bug has plagued them. Not to mention this all happening while they rolled out two, count ’em two, 10+ win streaks during the season.

You’d probably say something like, “there’s that crazy Brad again spitting his jargon at us and expecting us to believe it.” Well, I’m being serious because that team is your Atlanta Braves.

The 2013 squad saw some of the most untimely injuries to key players like Tim Hudson for instance, but also saw the rise of players like Chris Johnson–who was at one splitting time with Juan Francisco– and damn near almost take home the batting title in the National League.

The 2013 season saw the legend of the one they call “El Oso Blanco” write his first chapter in what should be a long, successful career in the Majors and do so by learning a new position and sharing his story about his life of which sounds like a movie script-like type of story.

It also saw the promising future the Braves have down the pipeline. Alex Wood turned heads when he flew through the rankings of the minors and make his major league debut just one year after being drafted. It also saw players like Joey Terdoslavich contributing in ways that benefited the Braves when someone went down with an injury. Must we forget how Todd Cunningham came up and did what he needed to do to give his team the best chance to win? I think not, my friends.

The list goes on and on about how awesome the 2013 season was for the Atlanta Braves. Yes, there were some down moments and don’t think I didn’t forget about those, because I didn’t. But that’s what happens in baseball. You go through ups and downs and for the love of sweet Jesus did we have our down moments, but never once did the Braves complain.

It’s going to be interesting to see what 2014 has in store for the Atlanta Braves. There are a ton of questions that have yet to have been answered nor even addressed by the Frank Wren and company, but I have complete faith that they will do what is best for the team. The way I look at it, pitchers and catchers report just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited about it.