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Atlanta Braves plan to move out of Turner Field and into Cobb County after 2016 season


Update #4: Justin Farmer of WSB-TV in Atlanta (via Talking Chop) is now reporting that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is referencing the move as “not a done deal”. Personally, I am extremely skeptical of this notion, simply due to the pomp and circumstance (including homeofthebraves.com) that was rolled out by the organization upon making the announcement today. Stay tuned.


UPDATE #3: According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s “Political Insider”, Cobb County is set to pony up approximately $450 million of the reported $672 million in building costs for the new stadium, with the team paying the rest of the freight. In addition, Derek Schiller (the Braves’ Executive VP of Sales & Marketing) shed some light (via 680 the Fan) on the stadium size:


UPDATE #2: The Braves have now confirmed the initial reports via their Twitter account, including a new website dedicated to the new facility.


UPDATE: We have confirmation (via Mark Bowman of MLB.com) that the Braves will, in fact, build a new stadium located in Cobb County for the 2017 season.


Well, this story came out of nowhere.

The Marietta Daily-Journal is reporting that the Atlanta Braves will be moving out of Turner Field after the 2016 season, and will be re-locating to Marietta as part of a new stadium contract. Here is the full text of the report:

"The Atlanta Braves are expected to announce today the team plans to relocate to Cobb County with a new stadium being ready for the 2017 season. They will be leaving Turner Field after their 20 year agreement expires at the end of the 2016 season.. The new stadium will be built near the intersection of I-75 and 285. The current site is under contract and set to close in early 2014."

This is obviously a GIANT bombshell in the Atlanta sports community, but after the report, additional context to the plans has been leaking out. Here is some additional information (via Twitter) from Mike Buteau of Bloomberg Sports.

Frankly, this is the Wild, Wild West at the moment in terms of accuracy, but this report could change the entire landscape of the Atlanta sports scene. Stay tuned throughout the day as details emerge.