Bo Wallace Leads Ole Miss To 25-17 Music City Bowl Victory Over Georgia Tech

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Nov 30, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets running back Robert Godhigh (25) is tackled by Georgia Bulldogs cornerback Sheldon Dawson (2) and linebacker Leonard Floyd (84) in the second half at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Georgia won 41-34 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter

Score Before: 0-0

Score After: 7-7

The first quarter started off with both teams taking early shots into the end zone. Bo Wallace found a hole in the middle of the field on the Rebels first drive of the game and ran 17 yards into the end zone to put Ole Miss up 7-0 early.

The Yellow Jackets responded with a rushing touchdown (surprise surprise) of their own, courtesy of Robert Godhigh. During the first two plays of the drive, it seemed like Ole Miss was ready to handle Paul Johnson’s triple option, but the run game exploded and the Jackets breezed into the end zone to tie the game up.

After the first two drives, it seemed like the game was destined to be a shootout, but both defenses stepped up and forced back-to-back punts.

Rebels Drive #1 (Rushing TD)

  • Ole Miss is using a pretty balanced attacking with some short passing routes early, and it’s kept the Yellow Jacket defense off balance
    • Wallace says his arm is around 75%
  • Around the 30 yard line, Rebels line up to go for it on 4th and 5. Apparently well within field goal range for Ole Miss.
    • Wallace connects on a hitch route for a solid first down.
    • Tech secondary not doing much to stop anything so far
  • Wallace scrambles on what looked like a broken play and gets 17 yards into the end zone. Secondary for Georgia Tech looks pretty bad early.
  • Went with the no-huddle on the first drive

Tech Drive #1 (Rushing TD)

  • Vad throws a pretty bad pass on the first play, gets sacked on the next after keeping the ball
  • on his third play he finds a receiver over the middle on a corner blitz and Lee gets a first down
  • Godhigh picks up a first down on his first touch of the game.
  • Running game is starting to pick up now for Tech. Ole Miss was using some strange blitzes early and Tech took advantage
  • Godhigh (!!!) scores the first touchdown for Tech after the offense starts rolling
    • first plays were a bit ugly, but the run game got rolling and things looked fine.

Rebels Drive #2 (Punt)

  • Ole Miss fumbles initially and winds up having to start this drive on the
  • Wallace throws a deep ball on third and one. Not sure about that play call, but Tech takes advantage of pinning the Ole Miss near their end zone and the Rebels are forced to punt.

Tech Drive #2 (Punt)

  • Godhigh gets a first down on the first play. Ole Miss defense hasn’t show up yet.
  • After a couple decent rushes, Godhigh picks up another first down.
  • Lee gets sacked and the First Quarter ends.