Bo Wallace Leads Ole Miss To 25-17 Music City Bowl Victory Over Georgia Tech

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Dec 30, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Mississippi Rebels defensive back Tony Conner (12) celebrates sacking Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets quarterback Vad Lee (2) (not pictured) during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Second Quarter

Score Before: 7-7

Score After: 13-7 Ole Miss

The second quarter was an ugly one for both teams, with Vad Lee putting his passing ineptitude on full display. We also saw Paul Johnson call for a fake punt that failed miserably and Ole Miss kicker Andrew Ritter miss a 29-yard field goal.

In addition to that, Ritter had an extra point blocked after Bo Wallace threw a 28-yard touchdown to Donte Moncrief.

The Rebels had a chance to tack an additional three points on the board just before the half ended, but instead of attempting a 52-yard field goal, Wallace tried to throw for another touchdown… it didn’t happen.

Tech Drive #2 continued (Punt)

  • Lee tries a deep(ish) pass on the first play of the second quarter but can’t find his receiver
  • Lee hits Godhigh for a first down but forgot where the line of scrimmage was.
  • Tech forced to punt

Rebels Drive #3 (Punt)

  • Ole Miss has to start from deep yet again on this drive. This one’s within five yards.
  • first two plays give the team some breathing room. Rebels’ offense shows some spurts of excellence and balance here.
  • Tech pass rush causes Wallace to throw the ball away and force third and long
  • Attouchu tackles a scrambling Wallace to force a punt.
  • Georgia Tech pass rush showed up for the first time on that drive

Tech Drive #3 (Punt)

  • Now the Rebels are showing off the punting, pinning Tech at the 3 yard line
  • Jackets unable to get anything going with the running game on this drive… they put Justin Thomas in to throw… he runs. Tech to punt

Rebels Drive #4 (Passing TD)

  • Ole Miss with solid field position for the first time in a while…
  • Wallace throws an incomplete pass down field…
  • passing game really hasn’t gone off like I’d thought it would.
  • And right after I type that, Wallace hits Moncrief for a touchdown on the right hand side of the field.
  • Tech blocks the extra point though for some consolation

Tech Drive # 4 (Failed Fake Punt)

  • Godhigh picks up a first down on the first play
  • Ole Miss run D picked up a bit and force Tech into a 3rd and five
  • Lee brings out the arm and throws for a first down to keep the drive going
  • Vad throws again, but it’s pretty far away from his wide open receiver.
  • Tech can’t get anything on the ensuing 3rd and 11 run.
  • Ole Miss definitely looks better defensively here
  • Fake punt failed–not even close.

Rebels Drive #5 (Missed Field Goal)

  • rebels run for a first down on the first play
  • after a Rebels timeout Attouchu gets a sack on Wallace to take the school record for sacks.
  • Bo Wallace breaks another big run (26 yards) to pick up a first down and move well within field goal range.
  • Tech’s pass rush is doing a solid job in this drive however.
  • DJ White breaks up a pass to the corner of the end zone, and Ole Miss will attempt a 29 yard field goal
  • White misses the field goal… from 29 yards out.

Tech Drive #5 (Punt)

  • Lee makes another mistake trying to throw the ball. He got flagged for intentional grounding after running straight back and throwing the ball to the sideline.
  • He’s looked pretty bad so far today.
  • Tech draws up another pass play and Lee gets sacked. Pretty ugly drive for the Yellow Jackets
  • With third and long coming up… Lee falls forward a couple yards. He’s going to have to learn to pass the ball at some point.
  • Tech to punt.

Rebels Drive #6 (End of the 1st Half)

  • Just one pass on this drive. Wallace got the ball to a receiver for a first down and put the team in field goal range… but–no kick? Yeah, this is pretty weird.
  • Nada