Bo Wallace Leads Ole Miss To 25-17 Music City Bowl Victory Over Georgia Tech

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Dec 30, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Mississippi Rebels quarterback Bo Wallace (14) rushes for a touchdown against Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets defensive back Demond Smith (12) during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Third Quarter

Score Before: 13-7 Ole Miss

Score After: 23-7 Ole Miss

During the third quarter we continued to see Georgia Tech struggle on offense, while the Rebels were able to expand on their lead with a touchdown and a field goal. Vad Lee fumbled and turned the ball back over to the Rebels which led to their only touchdown of the quarter.

On the next drive, Tech punted and Ole Miss put a field goal on the board, but Georgia Tech was able to drive down the field right at the end of the quarter.

Lee still couldn’t get anything going in the passing game, and with time winding down, that’s going to start becoming a bigger and bigger problem.

Tech Drive #6 (Punt)

  • Tech went for a run on the first play and Ole Miss stopped it immediately. They’ve looked good for a while now. Tech has to get something going.
  • Rebels starting safety Cody Prewitt taken off the field after taking a huge crack.
  • Lee misses Godhigh on a deep fade pass. Godhigh had his man beat, but Lee led him too much. He’s got to hit these passes.
  • Tech to punt

Rebels Drive #7 (Punt)

  • Wallace is hitting all of his wide open receivers. That and a balanced rushing attack bode well for them locking up this game.
  • After some short rushes by Jaylen Walton, Wallace’s pass is tipped and the Rebels are going to punt again.

Tech Drive #7 (Turnover, Lee Fumbles)

  • Lee throws a nice pass to Godhigh for a first down
  • On the next play, Lee drops back again, but has to retreat and throw the ball away
  • Lee fakes a pitch and gets a nice run on the next play but fumbles while getting tackled. No surprises here.

Rebels Drive #8 (Rushing TD)

  • Wallace throws to Mathers for 13 yards
  • then he throws to Treadwell for 7
  • Mathers runs for another first down. Ole Miss offense is cruising here.
  • And here’s where the Tech secondary that we know and love shows up: Wallace passes to Treadwell for a first down after Tech misses a tackle, and on the next play the secondary lets Wallace run 10 yards right up the middle for the another rushing touchdown.
  • I’d say that’s the dagger for Georgia Tech

Tech Drive #8 (Punt)

  • Georgia Tech’s got some nice field position to start this drive as the return came back to around the 50 yard line
  • Lee runs for a first down and doesn’t fumble. ???
  • Next play is a toss to Godhigh, and the entire Ole Miss defense seems to hit him before he can get back to the line of scrimmage
  • Lee just about gets picked off on third down. Offense still can’t get anything going and the defense is starting to wear down at the same time. Not looking good.

Rebels Drive #9 (Field Goal)

  • Between Mathers and Wallace, the rushing game has been steady all day for Ole Miss.
  • Wallace goes deep to Moncrief for 55 yards. Moncrief fumbles, but the Rebels are able to get back on the ball and keep a good drive alive.
  • Ritter kicks a field goal after some short passes by Wallace.
  • Tech hasn’t been able to stop the Rebels on the past two drives.

Tech Drive #9 (Field Goal)

  • Lee throws a bullet down the field to Robert Godhigh for 39 yards. Without Godhigh this offense would be pretty bad.
  • Laskey runs for 14 yards and another first down. Some life for Georgia Tech here?
  • Well, Johnson calls a strange QB sneak trying to get a first down with two yards to gain on first down… does he go for it? Yes. Lee keeps it again, and they’re going to have to check the spot of the ball. This is huge for Tech.
  • Refs will give it to them. Big call to keep the drive alive for Tech.
  • Godhigh rushes to the outside again and is bottled up to end the third quarter. Tech’s down by 16 with just one quarter left.