Bo Wallace Leads Ole Miss To 25-17 Music City Bowl Victory Over Georgia Tech

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Dec 30, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; The Mississippi Rebels mascot performs in a game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets during the second half at LP Field. The Rebels beat the Yellow Jackets 25-17. Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Fourth Quarter

Score Before: 23-7

Score After: 25-17

Because it’s the fourth quarter of a game that’s seemingly already over, some crazy stuff happens. After Georgia Tech kicked a field goal to start it off, D.J. White picked off Wallace and Vad Lee threw a 72 yard touchdown to Darren Waller on the first play.

Was a comeback in order?

Nope, the Tech defense did manage to block another kick while the Rebels were attempting a field goal, but when they took over on the next play Paul Johnson called for a reverse right in front of their end zone, which blew up in his face and went for a safety.

Old Miss and Bo Wallace then milked the clock down to 47 seconds and Vad Lee came in to end the game with an interception on his first pass.

That’s about what everyone should have expected.

Tech Drive # 9 continued (Field Goal)

  • Lee gets pressured again and throws the ball away. Harrison Butker comes on to attempt a field goal.
  • It’s good.

Rebels Drive #10 (Interception)

  • Brunetti runs for 20 yards and a first down.
  • after a loss of yards on a run, Wallace throws a big pick to DJ White, and the Jackets will take over on offense at the 28 yard line. This is huge for Tech.

Tech Drive #10 (Touchdown)

  • If the Jackets still want to win, they need to show it here.
  • Well it seems like they do. Vad Lee passes for 72 yards to Darren Waller on the first play for a Yellow Jacket touchdown. What???

Rebels Drive #11 (Punt)

  • I missed the ensuing drives because I had to eat so… sorry guys.

Tech Drive #11 (Punt)

  • still eating….

Rebels Drive #12 (Blocked Field Goal)

  • OK, when I got back to the game, Wallace was sliding forward into field goal range for Ole Miss. Again, sorry for the delay.
  • Wallace threw up a pass to Cody Core who had the ball in his arms in the end zone but couldn’t hang on as Georgia Tech’s corner was having a lot of contact with him. Ref gives Ole Miss a defensive pass interference call.
  • A big 15 run from Mathers to give the Rebels first and goal
  • After a short run from Ole Miss, a false start is called–the first penalty of the day for the Rebels.
  • Ritter on to kick and… Tech blocks it again. This is pretty crazy. Not a great day for Ritter. His ball has been low the entire day.

Tech Drive #12 (Safety)

  • Tech goes for a wild reverse play and Corey Dennis gets caught up in the backfield before fumbling in the end zone, where Tech “gets away” with a safety.
  • Another bad call from Paul Johnson.
  • They screwed up and got a break, screwed up and got another break, and then screwed up again. I doubt they get another break.
  • Rebels have 4:22 to burn down and try to get another score.
  • 25-17

Rebels Drive #13

  • Wallace keeps an option and gets ten yards on a run up the middle.
  • Ole Miss is clearly trying to soak up as much time as possible.
  • False Start on Ole Miss on third down hurts the rebels. They aren’t taking up as much time, or gaining as many yards as they would have liked. Still looking to cross the 50 yard line.
  • Coming out of an Ole Miss timeout, it seems like Georgia Tech is going to get a huge sack, but they actually get called for a delay of game. Terrible penalty coming out of a time out normally, but that probably saved them some yards.
  • Third and long and Bo Wallace throws to Treadwell who makes a great catch over the middle to keep the drive alive. Really nice play.
  • Wallace keeps an option and loses a few yards
  • Ole Miss managed to get the clock down to 47 seconds before punting away to Georgia Tech. Jackets are down by 8.

Tech Drive #13

  • It had to end like this. Vad Lee throws a pick on the first play of the drive. Because of course.

Rebels Drive #14

  • I bet you can figure out what they did.