Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin says Danny Ferry is still GM


The latest addition to the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson-Danny Ferry story came from the mouth of Hawks CEO Steve Koonin today on 92.9 The Game. In his comments with host Mike Conti, Koonin made it clear that Ferry would remain the general manager of the Hawks for now because of “a process”:

According to what Koonin said on the show, and the story linked above, Ferry’s punishment exceeded what was recommended by a law firm that was hired to investigate the situation.

Koonin made a point to ask people not to hold this against the players and also made it clear that the organization would have to earn back the trust of it’s fans, general NBA fans and anyone else impacted by the situation. From the same story:

"Koonin says that “People are wounded. People are hurting. We have to earn people’s trust.” He continues, “Please don’t hold this against our players, they are hurting too.” Koonin says he has spoken to the players and he let them speak honestly and openly."

Whether or not Ferry should still remain the general manager of the Hawks is obviously up for debate, but what we do know from the organization’s standpoint is:

  • Ferry has served/is serving a punishment that is more severe than what the hired law firm recommended
  • Ferry is still at the helm of the Atlanta Hawks–for now.

What are your thoughts on the comments from Koonin? Should Ferry stay or go? Let us know in the comments.