Danny Ferry conference call audio appears


Earlier tonight, Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution released an audio recording of Dany Ferry’s now-infamous comments about then-free agent Luol Deng. He tweeted the link out just after 7 p.m.:

You should definitely click the link to the audio in the tweet above and listen to the clip for yourself, but it seems pretty clear from listening that Ferry’s comments were not simply “read off of a scouting report.”

The audio is not the entire conversation that the Atlanta Hawks front office was having, but it begins with some comments about Carmelo Anthony before Ferry gets into his racially-charged remarks about Deng. It should also be noted, that when Ferry was making his “counterfeit” remark about Deng’s character.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s hearing this:

We’ve been debating whether or not Ferry would stay or go since the start of this situation, and as more and more evidence has come out it has become more and more apparent that Ferry is probably on his way out.

Listening to the actual audio certaintly doesn’t help his case.