Report: Atlanta Braves likely to undergo changes after collapse


Speculation and Twitter debate have been churning with regard to the status of the Atlanta Braves front office for weeks. However, there is now a prominent, national baseball writer reporting that changes are almost certainly coming if not for an unexpected run to the playoffs.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today brings word that change is on the way, and it doesn’t take a sleuth to figure out that both GM Frank Wren and manager Fredi Gonzalez are in the crosshairs. The Braves are undergoing a well-chronicled swoon, and regardless of where allegiances lie, there is cause for an overhaul if the higher-ups elect to pull the trigger. It is important to note that Nightengale did preface his report surrounding a potential playoff miracle, but that is certainly a faint possibility at this stage.

Personally, I have been vocal in promoting the firing of Gonzalez and the retention of Wren, if only for just one season, but at this point, anything is possible. Stay tuned to ATL All Day for the latest rumblings, as we will bring you the information as it becomes available.