Fredi Gonzalez to officially return as Atlanta Braves manager


After speculation that Atlanta Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez would return for another season on the bench, the team confirmed the widespread suspicions with an announcement on Friday morning.

This move, quite obviously, comes as no surprise, but if you have followed my thoughts (or the thoughts of ATL All Day in general) on the matter, you would know that this is not a popular move. Gonzalez probably does not qualify as a “disaster” in his current position, but his tactical mistakes with bullpen management, lineup construction, etc. are evident, and as such, it is difficult to imagine that the team could not find an upgrade elsewhere.

After confirmed that Gonzalez would return, the Braves also announced that previous rumblings about Bo Porter being added to the coaching staff were confirmed.

Porter’s addition is a blip on the radar in the grand scheme, but because he is not the hitting coach, as some suspected, it is noteworthy. Also, the team announced that both Scott Fletcher and Doug Dascenzo would not be retained.

Stay tuned to ATL All Day for all the latest as the Atlanta Braves continue to overhaul the organization.