Report: Todd Gurley could miss remainder of 2014 season


The Todd Gurley situation continues to be at the center of everything in Athens, but on Friday afternoon, a report emerged that could spell trouble for the 2014 edition of the Georgia Bulldogs football team. Chip Towers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Gurley could miss the remainder of the season as a result of a “significant” issue.

"A person familiar with the investigation of the possible violations by Georgia running back Todd Gurley told the AJC on Friday that it’s a “significant” case of the sale of memorabilia and there is a possibility that Gurley may not be cleared to return to the field this season.Unlike the case involving Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M, the source says, there is evidence that wasn’t available in the Manziel case. Manziel got a half-game punishment last season to start the year."

Reports are all over the place at this point, but at the same time, the latest from Towers certainly appears to be within the realm of possibility. In addition, the AJC is reporting that a final verdict could come in the next few days.

"Other sources familiar with the investigation say a determination of punishment should be made by early next week."

The Georgia Bulldogs are already planning to be without Gurley on Saturday, as the team traveled to Columbia without their best player, but losing the presumptive Heisman Trophy front-runner for the entire campaign would be devastating. It is certainly true that the Bulldogs are set up nicely to “replace” Gurley based on their depth, but Nick Chubb and a still-recovering Sony Michel likely cannot fill the production left by Todd Gurley.

Stay tuned.