Georgia Bulldogs blank Missouri Tigers, 34-0


The Missouri Tigers lost a game earlier this season to the Indiana Hoosiers. Somehow, everyone from fans to analysts to bystanders forgot that fact after Todd Gurley was suspended. You would think Zeus himself had thrown a thunderbolt into the Georgia Bulldogs football team, leaving nothing but charred ashes. Yet, a red-and-black phoenix rose from those proverbial ashes in this tilt against Missouri, and UGA prevailed by a final margin of 34-0.

I certainly didn’t expect the defense to hold the first half together for the Dawgs. What I really expected was a bend-don’t-break attitude that helped the Georgia running game get established in a low-scoring grinder. Boy, was I wrong.

The first half saw Georgia nab three turnovers away from the Tigers, and hold them to just 76 yards with no points scored. That’s right, the much maligned Georgia defense pitched a first half shutout. Mark the tape, because that’s unlikely to happen again outside of Charleston Southern. It took all my will power not to run around screaming DE-FENSE in my condo hallway while waving my shirt over my head.

Georgia’s first half offense was just as impressive. Hutson Mason looked like a much more confident version of the fifth-year senior quarterback that we all expected. Mason threw for an unprecendented 128 yards on 18 of 23 passing in the first half, with a running touchdown and a passing touchdown. That’s more passing yards than he had in the entire Vanderbilt contest. Also, Nick Chubb was impressive as he took over the reigns for Todd Gurley. He went for 59 hard-fought yards when everyone on the defensive side knew Georgia wanted to run the ball, and the Dawgs led 20-0 at the half.

Heading into the second half, all Georgia fans wanted was for the team to continue the tough defense, not get too conservative on offense, and burn some clock while grinding out a couple more touchdowns. Long touchdown drives would bury this Tigers team if Georgia could execute. However, the Dawgs struggled in their first two drives out of the gate in the second half. The defense wasn’t going to back off, though. They nabbed a fourth interception late in the third quarter that set up a long Georgia touchdown drive, capped off by Brendon Douglas. 27-0 Dawgs after three quarters.

The fourth quarter was all Georgia. The Bulldogs had grounded and pounded the Tigers all game long, so by the time they got the ball again in the fourth quarter, Missouri was completely gassed. I love watching a tired defense get absolutely owned up front by a talented Georgia line. It’s demoralizing for the opponent and inspiring for the victor. It was also great to see the the Dawgs are so much more than one player. They are a football team.

Georgia made a point to prove to the national pundits that they are far from dead in the SEC East. The Bulldogs finished with almost 370 yards, almost 43 minutes of possession, and a shutout 34-0 win. Nick Chubb finished with 143 yards on the ground, which is awesome. The Dawgs could have hung their heads and complained about how they missed their best playing. Instead, they keep themselves in the driver’s seat as they get ready to face a tough Arkansas team that may be a little dinged up after a scrape with Alabama.

Let’s hope the Dawgs defense can continue the momentum and keep this wining road trip going strong!