Georgia Bulldogs dismantle Kentucky Wildcats, 63-31


The Georgia Bulldogs showed the world how angry they were about the Florida loss last week from the opening kickoff on Saturday in Lexington. Isaiah McKenzie took the first kick of the game all the way to the endzone for a quick Georgia score. Kentucky fans barely had time to find their seats before the Dawgs were up 7-0. And it got worse for the Wildcats all game long, as the Bulldogs ground them into a fine paste. Georgia was motivated, focused, and offensively superior on their way to a 63-31 rout of Big Blue.

I could detail every score that Bulldogs made in this matchup, but that would frankly take about fifteen paragraphs of descriptions. I think I can keep it much simpler by saying that the Dawgs never punted the ball once in this game, and they scored TDs on every possession except the two at the end of the halves. A boring day for kickers is a great day for the UGA fans.

This offense looked more like TCU, Oregon, or Baylor rather than the same Bulldogs team that could barely get into the end zone against Florida. Huston Mason had the best day of his career, throwing 13/16 for four touchdowns, 174 yards, and no turnovers. Chris Conley also came out guns blazing with two touchdown catches and 58 receiving yards. The yard totals don’t look that impressive because the Georgia running game had a field day. Nick Chubb went for 170 on the ground. Ho-hum. Sony Michel only had 84 yards, so he was obviously slacking off.

In the end, Georgia had almost 550 yards total with 290 on the ground. This was a total domination from the jump. The only downside to the game was that the defensive gave up a lot of points still. Giving up 31 to Kentucky doesn’t really sit well with me when a high powered team like Auburn lurks around the corner. If you don’t play contain on them, Auburn can put up points in the 60s just like Georgia did today. I don’t think the Dawgs can afford to get into that type of shootout.

Kentucky just never showed up early enough to be a factor in the game, and that was the difference. This shows what the Dawgs should have done against Florida, scored TDs early and demoralized their opponent. Kentucky fans are probably frustrated because they are trying to get bowl eligible, but their chances are dwindling. They have Tennessee and Louisville left on the road, and neither one of those teams are pushovers. The Bulldogs have Auburn and Georgia Tech left, and I don’t believe both of those games will test the Georgia running defense.

The best news for Georgia Bulldogs fans is that Todd Gurley will be back for Auburn next week. Let’s all hope he provides the spark that lifts the Dawgs to a huge underdog victory!