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Report: Braves more likely to deal Justin Upton than Evan Gattis


Justin Upton and Evan Gattis have been on the rumored trade market for the Atlanta Braves since the offseason started, but according to MLB.com beat reporter Mark Bowman, the Braves are more likely to deal Upton this offseason:

While it is my opinion that both of these players should be traded this offseason, trading Upton and keeping Gattis does make some sense when you look at the Braves’ potential window for success.

Upton is going to be gone after 2015, and after the Jason Heyward trade the front office seems to be looking beyond next season. Since Gattis doesn’t even hit arbitration until 2016, it’s possible that Atlanta has some long-term plans for him.

The team should undoubtedly continue shopping Gattis this offseason though because A) the market for right-handed power seems pretty good for those who have it and B) Gattis would bring more value to an American League club than a National League team.

With all of this said, the interest in Upton has been huge and the Braves seem confident that they can command an impressive return. The Mariners recently signed Nelson Cruz to a four-year deal, but are still committed to finding a right-fielder “from outside the organization” according to MLB Trade Rumors.

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We’ll continue updating you with Braves offseason news as it breaks. In the meantime, what do you think is the best option for the Braves:

  • Trade Justin Upton and keep Evan Gattis?
  • Trade Evan Gattis and keep Justin Upton?
  • Trade both?
  • Keep both?

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