Atlanta Braves discussing multi-year deal with Kris Medlen


Over the past few weeks, it seems like the Atlanta Braves are in sell, sell, sell mode. As a matter of fact, its almost hard to believe there are people on this roster that the new management is willing to keep. But, as Chris Cotillo of SBNation tweeted today, that looks to be the case with a guy that was a huge loss last year.

Kris Medlen, who is coming off his second Tommy John surgery, might excite Braves fans more with an extention over Brandon Beachy, although you really can’t go wrong when both are healthy. Medlen has a career 2.95 ERA over 512.2 innings pitched while Beachy is just under mid-3.00 – 3.23 – over 267.2 innings. The danger with having either though, of course, is injury, but an extension would certainly be a good way to go to lock one up until at least that 2017 target date the Braves have thrown out over and over.

David O’Brien took to twitter this morning to explain a little bit of the monetary situation surrounding Beachy, and updated on a minor setback for Medlen that will (hopefully) put him on the mound in June.

If the Braves do extend one of the two, they’ll once again be placing priority with the club in pitching, which might not be a bad thing, since the last time they had extreme pitching strength was that great run of division championships.