Report: Recently signed Nick Markakis could have neck surgery


While the collective Atlanta Braves twittersphere was going crazy about Nick Markakis wearing number 22 with the team (Jason Heyward‘s number with the club) some actual pressing news was revealed about the 31-year-old outfielder, via Ken Rosenthal:

So, not only have the Braves invested four years and $44 million in an aging outfielder, but they’ve invested that money and time  in a player who they apparently knew could be dealing with neck surgery.

If it isn’t obvious already, neck surgery is a pretty big dea, and coming back from that kind of surgery seems to be a pretty big deal. I’m no doctor, but common sense seems to tell me that a deal that we all consider pretty risky at first just got a whole lot riskier.

We haven’t confirmed that Markakis WILL be having the surgery at this point, we’ve only heard Rosenthal’s report above that says he is leaning toward surgery, but we’ll update when/if we see someone announce the surgery.

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Buckle up Braves fans, this offseason is getting wilder and wilder.


P.S. who cares that Markakis is wearing No. 22? It’s a number. Let’s all calm down a bit.