Atlanta Braves sign Dian Toscano to major league contract


In what appears to be preparation for their outfield exodus this offseason, the Atlanta Braves have broken into the Cuban market and signed 25-year-old Dian Toscano to a major league contract, according to Ben Badler with Baseball America:

"Playing for Villa Clara in Serie Nacional, Toscano batted .356/.400/.452 in 86 plate appearances with eight walks and eight strikeouts in 2012-13, his last season in Cuba. The year before, Toscano hit .287/.438/.380 with 35 walks and 16 strikeouts. He hit just three home runs that year and never showed much power in Cuba, though he’s in significantly better shape and has increased his strength since leaving Cuba."

Badler is the industry leader when it comes to international baseball, and says Toscano is “a left-handed hitter with good bat control and strike-zone awareness.”

He also says that Toscano will likely remain in left field thanks to a below-average arm, but could log some time in center thanks to above-average speed.

It’s hard to dive too much into this deal because Toscano never played for the Cuban national team, and Toscano was never a high-profile player who got a lot of visibility. So for the time being, check out Badler’s report and take his word for whatever he says.

I can take a crack at this though. I’m guessing it’s pronounced “dee-on.”