Report: Texas Rangers interested in acquiring Evan Gattis


The Atlanta Braves have been active, at least reportedly, in trade discussions on multiple fronts, but the majority of recent buzz has surrounded Justin Upton. However, Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports that the Braves and Texas Rangers have been engaged in discussions with regard to Evan Gattis in recent days.

Here is what Grant had to say about the talks:

"How’s this for creative: The Rangers and Atlanta Braves may be discussing a deal for a power bat, but it’s not Justin Upton.Instead it may be Forney’s Evan Gattis, who was believed to be off the market as the meetings began.According to major league sources, Braves officials gathered Monday for a hastily-arranged strategy session to scour the Rangers farm system. The clubs were scheduled to talk later Monday."

Grant’s report continues by referencing Texas and a potential desire to acquire Gattis because of his increased level of control, and even included a tidbit about the Rangers potentially being willing to part with an elite pitching prospect in the deal. Obviously, these talks are lacking in specifics, but it isn’t a surprise to see an American League team kicking the tires on the offensive-minded Gattis.

The biggest concern with Evan Gattis is his inability to play adequate defense at any position, but with the Atlanta Braves championing Christian Bethancourt as the catcher of the future, that is magnified. It will be interesting to see if John Hart and company can drive interest in Gattis by trumpeting his bat to American League clubs, but it sounds like nothing is imminent at this point. Stay tuned.