SunTrust Park renderings show Atlanta Braves playing Washington… and losing


Whether its a sporting event during a TV show or I’m walking through Target and see a sports-themed canvas, one of my favorite things to do is look at it closely and figure out who said team is playing. For instance – there’s a Turner Field canvas Target used to sell, using a photo taken behind home plate. I’d go to it, try and see if I could see the opposing team’s jerseys or see the scoreboard to see who exactly the Atlanta Braves were playing.

I tell you this not only so you get a sense of how little a life I lead outside the realm of sports (its seriously kind of depressing at times), but because there was one of these moments when the Braves released new renderings of their Sun Trust Park.

Looks awful pretty, doesn’t it? Well take a closer look. Go on. (P.S. – the linked article above has the enlarged image.)

That’s right. In their promotional images for the new park, the Braves are (essentially advertising) losing 6-3. To Washington. It appears their promo team is just as out of it as the front office. (DFA’ing Vavaro? Okay…)

The only explanation I can give to this is that they took an actual “screenshots” of sorts from what has before appeared on Braves Vision from Turner Field and superimposed those into this rendering. Either that, or they know what the likely hood of a game in the top of the eight inning will look like with the line up they’ll most likely have for the next few years, so they’re just getting fans ready.

The good news at least is there are two outs…