Reports: Hank Aaron a part of group interested in purchasing Atlanta Hawks


It’s still weird to not only think about, but say out loud–the Atlanta Hawks are the best team in the NBA right now. They’re fun, they’re winning games like its easy to do so (which, in the East…you know) and they aren’t celebrating the record–they simply move on to the next game and keep winning.

But still, the success doesn’t come without controversy. Last week, the Hawks confirmed that 100% of the ownership was up for sale, and there are a multitude of interested buyers already, including a pair of investors interested in relocating the team back to Seattle.

The Hawks, the city and the league seem pretty adamant about keeping the team in the Empire State of the South, and a key Atlanta figure has put his hat in the ring, showing interest to be part of a group to purchase the team.

Hank Aaron, according to ESPN and other reports, is interested in investing in a group led by Memphis Grizzlies minority owner Steve Kaplan as well as a managing partner of MLS’ DC United looking to purchase the Hawks.

Aaron hasn’t publicly said anything on the matter, and it doesn’t look like he will, as his longtime business adviser Allen Tanenbaum spoke on his behalf:

"This is a private process, and he’d [Aaron] would like the private process to play out."

If Aaron is included in the group and does wind up purchasing the Hawks, I for one love the idea. Look at the success of a team like the Dodgers who were purchased by Magic Johnson – they’re now flourishing and they have an ownership group who not only loves the Dodgers, but loves the city.

If you pay a wink of attention to professional sports in the area, you know Atlanta has had its problems with ownership (hello, Atlanta Thrashers fans), but with an Atlanta sports icon behind the Hawks, not only will it bring stability the team hasn’t had in the front office in quite some time, but it might finally bring fans to the game and generate the buzz a town like Atlanta needs to come to games.

Because, you know, the league’s best record isn’t enough.