Atlanta Hawks sending three to NBA All Star Game


The Atlanta Hawks are taking the NBA by storm, and they’ll do the same in Brooklyn, New York for the NBA All Star weekend. Even though no Hawk was voted into the starting lineup (shocker, I know), the NBA’s head coaches certainly haven’t allowed the best record in the East to go unnoticed, as Al Horford, Jeff Teague and Paul Millsap were all selected to represent the East.

Who knew a healthy Al Horford was the key to Atlanta Hawks success? The now three-time All Star has come back to the Atlanta line up after missing the back half of last year and has done so in a big way. He and his 15.3 points and 6.8 rebounds, as well as the paint presence, will look to gel nicely with the East’s best. Well, maybe not that paint presence stuff. Because, you know, the NBA has outlawed defense. I don’t know, talk to league officials about it.

Atlanta Hawks
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Atlanta Hawks

The veteran, Jeff Teague, is playing at what many people who know the NBA would call an elite, potentially even MVP, level. Averaging a career high in points (17) and rebounds (7.5) per game, Teague faces some stiff competition when it comes to playing time on the squad, but his time on the floor will be exciting to watch at the very least.

Rounding out the Hawks trio is Paul Millsap, the regular-size version that is, who is making back-to-back All Star appearances. He’s producing similar numbers as Teague – 17 points and eight boards – and Millsap leads all front-courters in steals.

While there will only be three Hawks come game time, both Kyle Korver and Dennis Schroder will get their chance to shine over the All Star weekend as a whole. Korver will participate in the 3-point contest during the Skills Competition, while Schroder will play in the Rising Stars Challenge.

As a life-long (22 years on Saturday) Atlanta fan, its still weird to think the Hawks are good. Especially this good. But, its wonderful to see what, essentially, is a starting line up of Hawks getting recognition and an opportunity on a national stage.