RJ Hunter Needs to Play for the Milwaukee Bucks


Last night was the NBA Draft Lottery where the Minnesota Timberwolves came away with the top pick in this year’s draft.  Now that we know the exact order of the NBA Draft, I was looking back over my previous post on RJ Hunter and I realized that I missed one team in that article.  This team might actually be the best fit for RJ.  Hunter needs to have the Milwaukee Bucks select him at 17.

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The one thing Jason Kidd needs for his Milwaukee Bucks’ team is consistent outside shooting.  Hunter sank two clutch shots to not only make the NCAA Tournament but upset the #3 Baylor Bears in the Round of 64.  Of the promising young core for the Bucks, only F Khris Middleton has shown an above-average outside shooting game for the Beer City Deer.  RJ first caught scouts’ attention with his long-range game.

Hunter is also tall for a shooting guard at 6 feet, 6 inches.  Though RJ may lack the foot speed of a traditional wing defender, Jason Kidd loves guys with length on his outstanding Bucks defense.  The son of a college coach, Hunter can definitely be able to pick up on the nuances and aggressive tactics of Kidd’s smothering team defense.  He can become a great help defender as a shooting guard, much like what Kyle Korver has become since he was with the Chicago Bulls.

Perhaps Kidd will be envious of Hunter’s outside touch as the perimeter game did not come naturally to the future Hall of Fame point guard.  Hunter could help show Michael Carter-Williams and Giannis Antetokounmpo a thing or two on how to sink threes consistently.  MCW isn’t there yet and Giannis is still reluctant to take long-range shots.

Not only am I a fan of the Atlanta Hawks, but I am a fan of the National Basketball Association.  The Milwaukee Bucks could be very good for a while if their young core continues to develop under Jason Kidd.  While the Bucks front office might want to stay local and draft SF Sam Dekker out of Wisconsin, if he is not available at 17, I have a hard time believing that Milwaukee will pass up selecting RJ Hunter out of Georgia State University.