Freddie Freeman Injury Update: Not Good News!


The latest news on the Atlanta BravesFreddie Freeman is that he won’t be back on the field until after the All-Star break.

Freddie Freeman‘s swing, normally a work of art, was a bit askew on June 13 in an at-bat against the New York Mets at Citi Field. It was obvious something was wrong, but most fans thought little of it after Freeman continued to play through June 17th.

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The pain in Freeman’s wrist became too much though as he left the game in the 7th inning while the Atlanta Braves were taking on the Boston Red Sox. When I heard it was a wrist issue, although I hoped like most fans it would be a minor thing, I know from personal experience how tough wrist issues can be.

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Certainly the Braves’ organization hoped Freddie Freeman’s injury wouldn’t take long to heal, as they waited and waited, and the wrist showed little improvement.

Finally, on June 22nd, an MRI was ordered on Freeman’s wrist. The MRI revealed no fractures, which was great, but it was clear Freeman had a bad bone bruise.

He has since undergone the typical treatment of platelet-rich plasma injections to help with healing, but ironically, while those injections can help, they also often cause ligament inflammation which can extend the time it takes to get back to play.

According to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Freddie Freeman had the following to say when asked about his injury:

"Day to day we don’t know how I’m going to respond (to the treatment), but I will not be back before the All-Star break. … The soreness is supposed to last a week to two weeks, and I’m at eight days … so hopefully in the next few days with the treatment I’m doing, (it) will speed up the process and I’ll be able to do stuff around July 8-10, and we’ll reassess from there."

The Atlanta Braves have lost 6 of their last 9 games coming into tonight’s last game of their home stand against division rival Washington Nationals, and certainly Freddie Freeman’s absence has been felt, and been a part of their struggles. After all, Freddie was hitting a cool .299 with 41 RBIs and 12 homers. His line is a nice .299/.367/.520/.887.

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As a team, the Atlanta Braves have dropped from a .290 to a .234 BA, are producing fewer runs, and just not playing like the same team. A huge part of that is the obvious absence of Freeman on the field as a player.

It’s nice to know you have a bat like Freeman’s when facing a hot team like the Nationals, and facing the likes of Jordan Zimmerman and Max Scherzer.

With ten more games before the All-Star break, the Atlanta Braves will face a three-game set against the Philadelphia Phillies, three against the Milwaukee Brewers, and a long, four-game set against the Colorado Rockies.

Seven of those ten will be on the road. The good news is that all those teams are bringing up the rear in their respective divisions, but as you fans well know, nothing is ever easy on the road.

Here’s to hoping that without Freddie Freeman in the lineup, the Braves can step it up in the next 10 before the break, and take care of some business to lower that six-game deficit. Get well soon Freddie!

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