Atlanta Falcons: Top 5 RBs of All Time

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The Atlanta Falcons have had some very strong running backs play for the team in its 50 year existence as an NFL franchise.  Normally when the Falcons are able to run the football with authority, Atlanta isn’t all that far away from contending for a playoff berth.  In my opinion, the Atlanta Falcons play their best football when the run opens up the pass, not vice versa.

Since Grits Blitz of the late 70’s, the Atlanta Falcons have never gone too long without have Pro Bowl caliber play from its running backs.  From the late 1970’s to the present, Atlanta Falcons fans have almost always had a feature back that they can believe in. 1,000 yard rushers just have a way of thriving in Atlanta.  While there are certainly many who deserve recognition for their play in Atlanta, five Falcons tailbacks were simply better than the rest.

This was a difficult task for me to compile the Top 5 running backs in Atlanta Falcons franchise history, but I think I’m as close to right as I think I will ever be.  Without further ado, here are the five best tailbacks to ever play for the Atlanta Falcons.

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