Pedro Ciriaco: Braves’ Bench Option for 2016?


Pedro Ciriaco was added to the Atlanta Braves Spring Training roster this past season with a shot at making the roster as a utility infielder.

Though he did not make the Braves’ big league roster initially, Pedro Ciriaco has become arguably the Atlanta Braves’ best reserve player this season. On the year, Pedro Ciriaco has a .248/.264/.343 slash line with 1 home-run and 15 RBI’s. Ciriaco can play every position on the infield — including first base.

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Though his stat line may seem pedestrian to the casual fan, Pedro Ciriaco has been a key contributor on the Atlanta Braves this season, and it is difficult to truly quantify his worth to the team. Ciriaco’s play has enabled the team to make other players expendable in beneficial trades for the Braves, evidenced by the trade of utility infielder Phil Gosselin to the Arizona Diamondbacks for top pitching prospect Touki Toussaint

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Pedro Ciriaco has become the primary infield reserve for the Atlanta Braves this season and their best pinch hitter, owning a .256 average and 11 hits on the year. Because of his good work coming off the bench during this season, would Pedro Ciriaco be a good option for the Atlanta Braves to bring back in 2016?

In my opinion, the Atlanta Braves should absolutely bring back Pedro Ciriaco next season. His excellent play and consistency at the plate has benefitted the Braves greatly — but it’s his versatility on the infield that makes him an intriguing candidate to return to the Atlanta Braves as a reserve infielder next season.

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During Sunday’s doubleheader against the St. Louis Cardinals, Pedro Ciriaco started at first base for the Atlanta Braves. With two games on Sunday, and starting first-baseman Freddie Freeman hampered by a wrist injury, Pedro Ciriaco’s ability to play every position on the diamond demonstrates his value to the Atlanta Braves.

Though there may be other intriguing options in free agency or other internal options that could fill the position of a utility infielder on the Atlanta Braves bench, Pedro Ciriaco is a great option for the team going into next season. He’s a solid veteran who provides leadership in the clubhouse, as well as excellent versatility on a team that really emphasizes small ball.

Of course it’s very early to speculate about the Atlanta Braves’ roster going into next season, but we may very well may see a return by Pedro Ciriaco in 2016. Go Braves!

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