Atlanta Braves Position Profile: First Base

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Today we look at first base for the Atlanta Braves and see what the club has to offer at the position.

When I sat down a few weeks ago to begin the 9-part series that profiles each position on the Braves roster, I knew that there was one position that would be significantly less fun to write about. It is also the most established position on the Braves roster and the favorite of many a fan. So in a backwards way I am bitter at Freddie Freeman for locking down a spot. How dare he take away my opportunity to play GM in my mind? But bear with me sports fans, because this is the Braves First Base position profile.

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While there are not any expected changes at the first bag, minor or major, within the next few years, it is still worth exploring what the league looks like as well as what we can expect from the man who signed the largest contract in franchise history. Can Freddie Freeman maintain success? Will he develop further into a perennial power threat? Will he win a batting title? Will Huggies offer him a sponsorship? Those speculations occur on the following slides. I will also look at the rest of the Braves farm system and assess the players who could have an impact in the next few years before turning my attention to the rest of the league.

It will be fun. I promise. So get your hot dogs and scorecards ready, because here we go.

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