Atlanta Falcons: NFC Power Rankings, Week 9

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Nov 1, 2015; Atlanta, GA, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers middle linebacker Kwon Alexander (58) strips the ball away from Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones (11) after Jones made a reception in the first quarter at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

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The Seattle Seahawks move back to .500 by beating the Dallas Cowboys by a point, 13-12 in Week 8. Congratulations, you beat a Cowboys team in a pitfall almost as bad as the Tennessee Titans are in. We keep waiting for the Seattle Seahawks to wake up and play NFC Championship contending football. I’m afraid that through two months, the team we’ve seen is the team they actually are.

However, they do have a recipe for success that works even if the team isn’t especially spectacular: strong defense, powerful running game, and a quarterback who doesn’t turn the football over. Seattle could put together a 7-1 second half and win the NFC West. They could play a little worse and earn a Wild Card berth. They do need to make up some ground in the coming weeks, as they are two games back of a playoff spot entering Week 9.

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That defense and Todd Gurley, sign me up. This St. Louis Rams team is going places. Although the playoffs might be only a year away. Since the team hasn’t made them in a decade, I’m a little skeptical in being all in on a team that is a game above .500 with 9 remaining. However, I do want to believe in them.

With the way this team is gelling at midway, I think they can get into the playoffs as a Wild Card team, potentially the NFC West winner. Looking into the crystal ball, the Rams will break the playoff drought and get the six-seed. However at this moment, they are just on the outside looking in. Recent history isn’t helping them out.

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Sunday was bad. The last time I saw the Atlanta Falcons that careless with the football was in Matt Ryan’s 5 interception performance against the Arizona Cardinals in 2012. Frankly, Ryan struggles against the Cardinals most of the time. The turnovers are killing the positive vibes we all should feel about this team.

The schedule is favorable and this team should go no worse than 10-6, the benchmark for a playoff berth. I don’t know if the Atlanta Falcons will catch the Carolina Panthers in the NFC South, but I do think they will end up as one of the two best non-division in the NFC this year. I punished by dropping them down a spot after that lousy first half versus Tampa. Beat Blaine!

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5-2 is 5-2, but I still don’t think the Vikings will remain in the Playoff picture for entire 2015 NFL Season. Their schedule is about to get insanely difficult. Will Adrian Peterson have to carry them into the playoffs again, or will Teddy Bridgewater help get them over the hump after a two-year absence?

If he keeps connecting with Stefon Diggs, I can dig it. This guy came out of nowhere to become a premier vertical threat in the NFL. Playing at Maryland will do that, I suppose. I can’t see Minnesota making the playoffs this year because of their second half schedule. The Vikings will finish at .500 (8-8).

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