Atlanta Falcons: 5 Players to Watch at Niners

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Boston College. Matt Ryan. 2. player. 44. . QB

So much negativity has surrounded the Atlanta Falcons’ franchise quarterback in recent weeks. He hasn’t been bad, as Pro Football Focus grades him out as the 8th best passer in the NFL. Ryan is still throwing for a ton of yards under new OC Kyle Shanahan. It’s the increasing turnovers on offense that are driving Rise Up Nation slightly insane.

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Last week against Tampa Bay, Ryan and the Falcons’ offense couldn’t get out of their own way with four poorly timed turnovers. The usually upbeat Ryan slammed his helmet into the Georgia Dome turf after throwing that pick in the 3rd quarter.

However, it became obvious that Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons’ offense came out energized in the 4th quarter to force overtime. In all honesty, that game shouldn’t have gone to overtime and I applaud the team’s effort to not give up in the final frame. To me, that and Ryan’s improved efficiency in the 4th quarter were the best parts of Sunday’s home loss to the Bucs.

Ryan’s last pass attempt in San Francisco was a tipped pass in the red zone in December of 2013 to close out Candlestick Park. He will have a great opportunity to redeem himself on Sunday, as his main adversary on the other side is none other than Blaine Gabbert. Look for Matt Ryan to complete 65 percent of his passes for 250 yards, 2 touchdowns and only one turnover. He’ll get us to 7-2 entering the bye.

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