Atlanta Falcons: NFC Power Rankings, Week 11

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The Atlanta Falcons are coming off their Week 10 bye at 6-3 and are hopefully ready for the 7-game playoff push. After the Week 10’s slate of games in the NFC, it feels like a 10-6 record would get the Atlanta Falcons over the top and back into the NFC Playoffs.

Atlanta and Green Bay, both 6-3, have a two-game lead over six 4-5 teams in the NFC for the two Wild Card spots. Though neither Atlanta or Green Bay have played great football by any means the last few weeks, there are certainly teams that would love to have a 6-3 record entering their Week 11 matchup.

It appears that six teams are better than the rest as of mid-November and that there are two teams all but eliminated from any sort of playoff hope in 2015. We know which eight teams I’m referring to. What is particularly interesting with this week’s edition of the NFC Power Rankings is how truly close it is 7 to 14. The NFC has six of its teams at 4-5 and both the 4-6 and 3-6 teams aren’t exactly out of playoff contention entering Week 11.

With the Atlanta Falcons poised to make a playoff push, let’s hope that our Dirty Birds did a great deal soul-searching while they recovered from injuries on their bye to come back in Week 11 versus an Indianapolis Colts team that has no Luck and get back to playing a winning style of football.

Here is the NFC power ranked from 16 to 1 heading into Week 11.

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