Atlanta Hawks: Eastern Conference Power Rankings, Nov. 26

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The Atlanta Hawks sit at 10-7 as the NBA takes a day off for Thanksgiving. Were do the Hawks land in this week’s Eastern Conference Power Rankings?

It hasn’t been easy, but the Atlanta Hawks still have a respectable 10-7 record at the Thanksgiving point of their early season gauntlet. While most of the league has finally caught up to the Atlanta Hawks with 15 or 16 games played, Atlanta hasn’t come close to hitting their stride in 2015-16.

If we care to remember, wasn’t it around this time when the Atlanta Hawks started to round into form last season. Wasn’t the home victory of the New Orleans Pelicans the first win in the first of two massive winning streaks last season? Here’s to the club recreating that magic again.

Part of what makes this year different from last is that Atlanta is to some degree the hunted, as many teams want to get the best of a team that snuck up on them in 2014-15. Combine the amped up intensity opponents have played against the Hawks with a ton of games in the first part of the year, you’ll succumb to injuries and tough defeats and here’s your record.

If the Atlanta Hawks can get to their mid-December date with the division rival Miami Heat with a record slightly above .500, I think the Atlanta Hawks can again contend for a high seed in the Eastern Conference. Perhaps Cleveland will cool off, or they won’t, but for the Hawks to get back to the ECF, they’ll need a Top 4 seed in the conference no doubt.

Without further ado, here are this week’s Eastern Conference Power Rankings.

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