Atlanta Falcons: NFC Power Rankings, Week 14

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The Lions’ heartbreaking loss on Thursday Night Football coincides with what has actually been the best game ever on TNF. The Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary will go down as one of the more miraculous throws in football history.

Even if the Lions don’t win another game, I’m not saying that won’t, they seem to have figured something out on offense with quarterback Matthew Stafford and offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter that works. Detroit needs to draft wisely and rebuild that porous offensive line, but they aren’t as far away from getting back to good as we originally thought.

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The Tom Coughlin era in New York may have to come to an end after the 2015 NFL season. The normally conservative and ultra-successful head coach is starting to second guess himself on 4th downs. Take the points!

He was the x-factor to why the New York Football Giants were always in the mix in the NFC East, even when they weren’t good. The race is starting to heat up in the NFC East where even 4-8 Dallas can win the division. If Coughlin’s Giants miss the playoffs for the fourth year in a row, the Mara Family may need to find a replacement for the Hall of Fame worthy head coach this offseason.

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The overtime loss to the 49ers severely hinders the Chicago Bears’ chances of making the NFC Playoffs. They are now two full games back of sixth place Seattle, a team that forced Chicago to punt 10 times before flying back to the Windy City from the Pacific Northwest.

Chicago is three back of both Green Bay and Minnesota for the division crown. Time is running out for the 2015 Chicago Bears, but this team should finish within a game or so of .500 in 2015. Keep in mind a 6-10 or a 7-9 record would stand as a better mark than 2014’s 5-11 season.

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The Philadelphia Eagles are by far the most frustrating team in the NFC. Just when we think we can cross the Eagles off for good in 2015, they find a way to beat a depleted New England Patriots team, 10 days after getting destroyed by the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

Philadelphia will compete with Washington, New York, and possibly Dallas for the fourth seed in the NFC Playoffs as the NFC East division winner. This isn’t a good team, but none of the teams in the NFC East are anything to brag about. Philly could make the playoffs for the second time in three years under head coach Chip Kelly.

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