Atlanta Hawks: Eastern Conference Power Rankings, Dec. 10

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After coming out of the gate surprisingly well, the New York Knicks have lost seven of their last ten games to fall three games below .500. They are one of only three teams in the East that don’t have a winning record at home (Washington, Philadelphia). The Knicks aren’t the worst team in the NBA anymore, but they aren’t particularly great either.

Dissecting the Knicks 10-13 record proves that the East is better than the West in 2015-16. New York is 6-9 in their own conference, but 4-4 against the West. There are so many instances where it is becoming more clear by the day. However since the Knicks play in the East, they will have to make some more adjustments if they want to approach playoff contention.

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Along with the Milwaukee Bucks, the Washington Wizards are one of the two most disappointing teams in the Eastern Conference this year. From taking the Atlanta Hawks to six games in the Eastern Conference Semifinals to a 9-11 record in their first 20 games is a bit shocking.

The Wizards aren’t winning at home, they’re getting blown out in most losses. This team might actually be the worst club in the Southeast Division. Though it is still early, this 2015-16 Washington Wizards team may not even make the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

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Detroit has cooled off since their hot start in 2015-16. Though they are a great team at home (8-3), the Pistons need to start figuring out how to play more consistently away from the Palace at Auburn Hills (4-8).

The Pistons will hang tough in the solid Central Division until youthfulness and inexperience get in the way of their playoff aspirations. Though they are in 10th place, that means the Pistons are only three games back of first in the East. I’m not saying that they can win the East in 2015-16, but the Playoffs are still very much on the horizon for this young and exciting basketball club of HC/GM Stan Van Gundy.

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