Bryan McClendon: Would he follow Richt to The U?


Bryan McClendon has not been officially named to Kirby Smart‘s offensive staff at Georgia. Would the UGA wide receivers coach follow Mark Richt to Miami?

Slowly, but surely new head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs Kirby Smart will assemble his coaching staff. With time being so precious before the December 13th Dead Period with face-to-face communication with recruits stopping before bowl practice, Smart is making it a priority to meet as many UGA commits and recruits he can until Sunday’s ceased communication.

One effect that this has is that it may take some time for the new head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs to assemble his coaching staff. The only two known hires of Smart’s staff thus far are Glenn Schumann, former Alabama player development coordinator, and Thomas Brown, Georgia running backs coach.

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While it seems obvious now that Smart will hire the assistants he wants, many are leaving the UGA program. As of last night, defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt will replace Smart as the next Alabama defensive coordinator.

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Another one to consider: though he is coaching the team in the bowl game, will Georgia Bulldogs wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Bryan McClendon stay on Smart’s staff or join former head coach Mark Richt down at the University of Miami?

Bryan McClendon is at this point of his coaching career where he could become an offensive coordinator, if given the right circumstances. He’s an outstanding recruiter and has coached both running backs and wide receivers. Often times head coaches want their offensive coordinators to have been former quarterbacks coaches, but McClendon seems poised for a bigger slice of the pie in running an offense.

Per Seth Emerson of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and DawgNation, some close to the UGA situation believes that there is an offer on the table for Bryan McClendon to join Mark Richt’s staff in Coral Gables. Since McClendon is coaching the Dawgs in the bowl game and that has his full attention at the moment, that is probably the hold up in assembling the UGA offensive staff.

When Richt held his final press conference with the Georgia Bulldogs, he said that his biggest regret was not being able to call plays and work more in a more hands-on capacity with his quarterbacks. Expect that in the first few years at The U that Richt will have more say in play calling and quarterback coaching.

What that could mean is Bryan McClendon could have a shot at an offensive coordinator role with the Miami Hurricanes. He could stand as either the receivers or running backs coach as well as the role of an OC, with Richt or someone of Richt’s choosing coaching the quarterback room.

It’s a different delegation of responsibility than what we’re used to, but this could end up working out for Miami should Bryan McClendon want to leave his alma mater and go coach with Mark Richt at his.

There is more certainty around what type of offense Mark Richt will run in Coral Gables than what we think Kirby Smart will run here in Athens. Though Smart did say that he wants to have a pro-style offense similar to that of Georgia’s under Mark Richt, it could deviate more than we expect since Smart is a defensive-minded football coach.

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It seems like Bryan McClendon will either stay here in Athens with the Georgia Bulldogs or follow Coach Richt to Coral Gables and join his new Miami Hurricanes staff. McClendon’s reputation as an ace recruiter makes him all the more valuable. Like I said, he’s close to becoming ready for the role of a Division I offensive coordinator. That could end up being used as leverage in where he ultimately lands.