Atlanta Hawks: Recent Jeff Teague Trade Rumors


With the emergence of Dennis Schroder at point guard and Jeff Teague finding himself on the bench at times during the playoffs, it became evident that Teague could be used as a nice piece of trade bait for the Atlanta Hawks.

Despite his time on the bench in the playoffs, Jeff Teague has proven, especially during the regular season, to be a quality starter.

He has spent his entire career with the Hawks which began in 2009. Since then he has helped to lead the Hawks to a total of six consecutive playoff appearances.

However, since the Atlanta Hawks drafted Schroder in 2013, Teague’s playing time has noticeably decreased over the years. In 2012-13, Teague saw 32.9 regular season minutes per game.

In the 2013-14 season, when Schroder was drafted, that number was 32.2 minutes. Then in 2014-15, it decreased to 30.5. This 2015-16 season, Teague averaged 28.5 minutes per game.

His playoff minutes have decreased as well, most notably from 2014-15 when he played 33.1, to the 2015-16 season where he had 27.9 minutes.

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There haven’t been many rumors surfacing around Teague yet especially with there being a large focus on the fate and future of Atlanta Hawks’ center Al Horford.

One rumor that has begun circulating again recently is the Philadelphia 76ers interest in Teague. The 76ers previously expressed interest in Teague back in February 2016 around the time of the trade deadline.

The 76ers are a young team and are currently in need of a point guard. Teague may also be able to offer the young team both leadership and playoff experience.

However, the 76ers aren’t the only team with their eyes on Teague. Rumor has it the Indiana Pacers could also be interested.

The Pacers are another team that is in need of a point guard and it just so happens that Teague is an Indiana native. Indiana could be looking to make a trade with the Atlanta Hawks, specifically involving Pacers’ point guard George Hill for Teague.

Another factor that could suggest that Teague is on his way out of Atlanta is the fact that he recently sold his $2.18 million penthouse apartment in Buckhead, Atlanta.

Does selling his condo mean he’s gone? It certainly indicates that he has no ties to the city of Atlanta, and it seems as though he is prepared to potentially be traded.

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There are plenty of teams in the NBA that are also looking for a starting point guard, giving Teague plenty of options if he does leave the Atlanta Hawks.