Atlanta Falcons pass on another prospective free agent


On Wednesday, June 1, the Atlanta Falcons passed on signing veteran pass rusher Dwight Freeney. Was this a good move for the Falcons?

After passing on former Carolina Panthers Brandon Boykin last week, the Falcons have also decided to pass on Dwight Freeney. Though the positions of these two players may differ, their experiences with the Falcons have been very similar.

Boykin worked out with the team while Freeney only came in for a visit. Prior to the arrival of both players, the Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn made remarks that they had a lot of potential and that whether or not the Falcons decided to sign them would come down to if these players seemed like a good fit for the team.

There haven’t been any reports of anything in particular going wrong specifically in either case. In fact, the Falcons have been very vague about their decisions to pass on Freeney and Boykin.

After both players spent time with the Atlanta Falcons, the answer has been just about the same. The Falcons decided to pass on signing both Boykin and Freeney…but why?

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VIA Zac Jackson of NBC Sports, June 1, 2016

"The Falcons won’t be signing veteran pass rusher Dwight Freeney right now, ESPN’s Vaughn McClure reported Wednesday, but Falcons coach Dan Quinn said the team won’t rule out adding Freeney at some point down the road."

VIA Zac Jackson of NBC Sports, May 25, 2016

"Free agent cornerback Brandon Boykin will remain free for now, ESPN’s Vaughn McClure reported Wednesday.Boykin worked out for the Falcons earlier this week. A source indicated to McClure that Boykin is healthy and that the Falcons choosing not to sign him is a football decision, not one based on any outside factors."

The Falcons’ ultimate reasons for passing on both players were seemingly the same. They won’t be signing them, at least not “right now.”

Was this a good move for the Atlanta Falcons? Signing Freeney seemed like a good choice to many, not only because he is an established pass rusher and a future hall-of-famer, but also for his abilities off the field. As a vet, he could pose as a mentor, offering leadership to younger Falcons.

Whether or not it was a good move, fans should put their trust in Quinn for now, who obviously has a greater plan.

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Whether the underlying factor is talent, age, or Coach Quinn‘s defensive scheme, neither one of these players will be signed with the Atlanta Falcons. At least not right now.