Georgia Bulldogs: Chubb passes another test on road to recovery


Georgia Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb continues to amaze with his ahead of schedule recovery. Chubb made another major milestone on Saturday during the Dawgs’ first scrimmage.

The return of the Georgia Bulldogs star running back Nick Chubb continues to be nothing short of extraordinary. About a month ago, Chubb vowed to be ready by the season opener and thus far, it appears he is well on his way.

One week ago, Chubb claimed he is back to doing everything that he used to do. He has been a full participant in the Georgia Bulldogs fall camp since the first day. Chubb has been handling everything from running to blocking and participating in drills, but there was still one looming question. How would his knee handle tackles?

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Chubb gets tackled to the ground

It appears Chubb’s miraculous and ahead of schedule recovery continues to defy the odds with yet another major milestone. On Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs headed to Sanford Stadium for their first scrimmage. It has been reported that Chubb was tackled to the ground about seven or eight times, answering the question of whether or not he could withstand increased physical contact. According to Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart, Chubb “did well with it.” 

VIA Chip Towers of DawgNation:

"“Nick got to carry the ball,” Smart said following the two-hour scrimmage. “He did well. He carried it seven or eight times. I think the officials were more worried about him than we were because they were blowing the whistle quick and we didn’t want that. But he got tackled and did well with it and it was important for him to get over that psychologically but also the physical conditioning part of it.”Smart did not say if there was a direct correlation, but he said the defense missed too many tackles Saturday.“A lot of yards after contact,” he said. “Way too much. But that’s typical of a first scrimmage.”"

What’s next for Chubb?

Coach Smart also said, “He probably didn’t have the suddenness that he’s had in the past. But a lot of these guys have camp legs. They’ve practiced a lot of days in a row.” The Georgia Bulldogs will have their first day off on Sunday, giving them an opportunity to both rest and recover. Smart expects that Chubb will be much faster on Monday.

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This is a huge accomplishment for the star running back, not only physically, but also from a psychological stand point. Chubb has now tackled what caused his career threatening injury in the first place. Though he is clearly progressing, there is still no word on whether or not Chubb will in fact make a Sept. 3rd appearance.