Atlanta Braves: Players They Should Add For 2017

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Atlanta Braves
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Jordan Walden

Adding an injured and rehabbing player like Jordan Walden at a discounted cost could be a good move. Walden enjoyed his best seasons as a Braves reliever and when healthy could contribute greatly to the team.

For those Braves fans that don’t remember how good and clutch Walden was with the Braves here are his numbers.  If he could prove healthy he could slot into the 7th or 8th innings as a specialist and give the Braves an experienced and young bullpen arm if he can only prove that he is healthy.

Another option for the Braves is Jim Johnson who they brought  back yet again, while his closing days are behind him he is still an average bullpen arm that can eat innings at a decent cost. If the Braves decide to pursue any left handed specialist the market is equally thin for talent.

Aside from closer Aroldis Chapman there are few lefty relievers that are  above average pitches. The rest of the free agent class has primarily underachieved and disappointed this season. If the Braves decide they need another lefty exploring trade options would be their best bet.

Whichever direction they decide to go the Braves have to feel good about the state of their bullpen headed into the 2017 season.