Atlanta Braves: Players They Should Add For 2017

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Atlanta Braves
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Rajai Davis

Even a casual fan would tell you that the Braves are likely to trade an outfielder this off-season to make room for Mallex Smith and more importantly to fill other holes on the team. Mallex Smith is a young player who has great talent and speed but hasn’t proven himself yet.

The Braves need a proven player who is fine being the fourth outfielder and would be capable of starting short term if Smith is not as ready as the Braves suspect. Rajai Davis would be a perfect fit for the Braves.

If Smith struggles to fill whichever hole is left after this hypothetical trade Davis can step in and play at an above average level. He has great speed and could be used as a defensive replacement if Matt Kemp remains a Brave. He also provides some much needed speed to the bench and would allow the Braves a late inning pinch running threat.

Overall Rajai Davis would appear to be a perfect fit for the team and he could offer needed help to Mallex Smith. Smith is a talented player but struggles with route running and putting the ball in play at times. Davis has had many years’ experience with both these things and could help the young Braves outfielder.