Atlanta Falcons: Light Up Scoreboard, Beat Panthers


The Atlanta Falcons welcomed Carolina back to the Georgia Dome this Sunday for the first time since week 16 last year, when they handed the Panthers their first and only loss of the regular season

When the Atlanta Falcons regular season schedule was released, everyone knew this game would be one to pay attention to. Last year, the Atlanta Falcons spoiled the Panthers perfect season in week 16, and it obviously left the Panthers hoping for a chance at Revenge. So when the Panthers came to town this Sunday, Falcon fans were understandably nervous. But things did not go quite as expected.

The Falcons raced out to a 14-0 lead, thanks to Matt Ryan and Julio Jones clicking on the first drive, and great play calling by Kyle Shanahan as well. Then, an untimely pick-six by Carolina put them right back into the game. After the pick-six, a sense of worry fell upon Falcon fans. But to the surprise of everyone watching, the Falcons defense actually held up really well early on in the game. In fact, the Falcons were able to build their lead up to 24 points. Once this large of a lead was built up, the game was already over, especially when the Panthers lost Cam Newton after cutting the deficit to 16. However, the Panthers managed to cut the lead to just 8 with Derek Anderson in at quarterback. Thankfully, Robert Alford secured a pick-six to seal the deal with less than 2 minutes left.

Who Stood Out?

The obvious answer is



as he had 12 receptions for 300(!!!!) yards and a Touchdown.

Julio /

both have record setting days to go along with a win.

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Impact Of This Win

This win, although early in the season, is very significant in terms of Atlanta’s postseason hopes. Sitting at 3-1, the Falcons are now 2 games ahead of Carolina in the Division, and the Saints and Buccaneers are looking up at the Falcons as well. With 2 tough road games upcoming, this game was crucial for Atlanta to get a little bit of a cushion. If the Falcons hope to make the playoffs, winning the division is the easiest way, and they took a huge step towards that goal today.