Paul Johnson Questions Georgia Tech’s Commitment to Football


“You can’t have expectations with no commitment. It won’t work, no matter what you do.” – Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets coach Paul Johnson

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets coach Paul Johnson recently questioned Georgia Tech’s commitment to football, pointing out the university’s deficiencies compared to its ACC rivals, specifically – Clemson. Coach Johnson suggested to the media on Monday that if the program doesn’t receive the same level of commitment as the Clemson Tigers’, then the expectation shouldn’t be to be able to beat them. The Yellow Jackets took a brutal 26-7 loss to the Tigers two weeks ago, and Johnson is now 5-5 against Clemson.

VIA Doug Roberson of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"“Here’s what has to happen, it’s what I tell our team about playing: commitment has to meet expectations,” he said. “You can’t have expectations with no commitment. It won’t work, no matter what you do."

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"“So, if you say you want to be on this level, then you have to be committed to be on that level and you have to do what those people are doing. It’s as simple as that.”When asked if he thinks his Tech program has received that commitment, Johnson said, “I don’t know that anybody gets that. You can ask that about anybody.“You guys look, you don’t have to ask me. Do you think we have the same things Clemson does?He received an answer of, “No.”Johnson responded: “How can the expectation be to beat them?”"

Johnson Grows Frustrated

This isn’t the first time Coach Johnson has made references to Georgia Tech’s facilities. He first made remarks back in August when it was announced that athletic director Mike Bobinski was resigning to take a position at Purdue. At the time, he made comments about how Tech’s facilities, which are considered to be average at best in the ACC, are trailing behind other ACC schools. What seems to be bothering Coach Johnson most is Clemson compared to Georgia Tech.

Clemson has recently stepped their game up off the field with plans to open a $55 million football facility. The amenities include a 24-seat HD theater, laser tag, nap room, barber shop, and more. That’s all in the works at Clemson, while Georgia Tech is still waiting on a locker room improvement. Tech also lacks in other areas compared to Clemson, including personnel. Tech has just 11 additional football staff members beyond the coaching staff, while Clemson has 25.

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Coach Johnson is in his ninth-year with Georgia Tech’s football program. It will be interesting to see if anyone at the university responds to his comments and concerns. After all, he has a point.