Atlanta Falcons: What We Learned From Sunday’s Loss


The Atlanta Falcons lost on Sunday in questionable circumstances. What should we take away from Sunday’s loss?

The Atlanta Falcons lost a game in brutal fashion Sunday. The lack of penalties and poor decision making caused the Falcons to drop to 4-2 on the season despite making a surge in the third quarter in one of the toughest places to play in the NFL.

Sunday’s loss may have been in biased circumstances but it is worth noting that the Falcons benefited greatly from several Seahawk’s miscues to be in a position to win the game. Jones had a ball go off his hands as well that resulted in what turned out to be the game winning interception.

Still there was plenty of positive things that Falcon’s fans can take away from Sunday’s loss to the Seahawks. This team proved that they are much better than last years Falcon’s roster and look capable of competing and beating any team in the league

Atlanta did a great job Sunday or proving the legitimacy of their defense in a very tough environment. Whether it was holding up in coverage or blocking a kick the defense kept the Falcons in the game early in a stadium and against an offense that easily could have sent the team reeling.

Not to say that this defensive unit is going to rival the Broncos or Seahawks anytime soon, rather they are becoming a unit that is playing hard and keeping their team in tough games. It will be interesting to see how they respond as they face softer offenses in the coming weeks. It would not be at all surprising to see this much maligned Falcon’s D continue to improve as they have done so far this season.

Matt Ryan is playing like an MVP right now for the Falcons regardless of having to play in two of the toughest stadiums anywhere in the league back to back weeks. Forget his turn overs this week, neither were reasons for concern.

The first was a result of the beating that Ryan took in the first half, few quarterbacks in the league could take that battering and bring his team back the way Ryan did. The second turnover may show up as an interception on Ryan but for once it is Julio Jones who let the team down, Jones let the ball bounce off his hands, off of Richard Sherman into the waiting safeties arms.

Turnovers are unfortunate but should do little to add any negativity to the season that Ryan is putting together so far this year. Which leads into our next take away, Ryan is at his best spreading the ball around and not force feeding former Falcon Roddy White or Julio Jones. This is the first season that Ryan is not forcing the ball to either wide receiver and the results speak for themselves.

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Atlanta is a good team who very well could have won in Seattle if not for a horrible call that ended Matt Ryan’s chance at a game clinching drive. Last year’s team would not have clawed their way back into this game or had a chance to be in it in the first place the Falcons are rapidly improving and with the Panthers fading should be division favorites.  The Falcons will finally fly back home to face the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.