Atlanta Braves: Should They Trade Nick Markakis?


Should the Atlanta Braves at least consider trading right fielder Nick Markakis?

The Atlanta Braves haven’t been shy about making big trades over the past few years trading away fan favorites in favor of collecting prospects and brightening the Braves’ future. Nick Markakis has had his name in those rumors for a number of seasons and continues to be talked about as a possible trade candidate later in the season. Should the Braves trade Nick Markakis?

Trading Markakis would make sense in some ways but would also be a big mistake for a team that hit it’s offensive stride last year thanks to an outfield of Nick Markakis, Matt Kemp, and Ender Inciarte. Markakis may no longer have the trade value on the market he once did as well. Balance out what he does bring to this team versus his value on the open market and ability to replace him and the Braves seem to have made the right choice by keeping Markakis.

Nick Markakis brings a calming consistent presence to the plate and outfield, he is the guy that when the whole young offense is struggling can help them break out of the slump. While he is not going to hit twenty homers or steal twenty bases he is a talented player who is worth more to this team then he is in trade value.

While that may seem like a contradiction take a look at the Braves outfield prospects and the outfielders in the trade and free agent markets and you will see how that Markakis will not be easy to replace. Add in the fact that he will not garner any team’s best prospects and it makes more sense for the team to stick with Markakis for at least a portion of this season.

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If the offensive boost that Matt Kemp gave the complete lineup last season does not last and the team struggles to play .500 there may be a good reason to re-visit the idea of trading Nick Markakis. Until the Braves see if the offense can continue the pace they started last season they shouldn’t make any changes to a core that seems to be headed in the right direction in 2017.