Atlanta Braves: Braves Interested in Twin’s Brian Dozier


Could the Atlanta Braves bring Brian Dozier to Atlanta?

The Atlanta Braves seem to have a solid second base platoon set for the 2017 season with Jace Peterson and Sean Rodriguez both slotted in at second. With the recent news that the Braves tried to acquire Brandon Phillips it is fair to wonder how much trust the Braves have in Jace Peterson?

Brian Dozier and Chris Sale have been the two hottest names on the trade market this season and the Braves seem to have had their hand in both. With Sale now in Boston and out of reach the Braves are reportedly interested in bringing Dozier to Atlanta though due to the cost say a trade for the Twin’s star second baseman is very doubtful.

While it would have made sense to add Chris Sale to a team that was desperate for pitching and has no clear ace in the farm or at the major league level adding Brian Dozer would make little sense for the Braves and is probably nothing more than due diligence on the Braves’ part.

Jace Peterson and Sean Rodriguez are not star players but they are both proven Major Leaguers who will give the Braves quality at-bats and play above average defense. There is also the fact to consider that trading for Dozier would block one of the Braves’ top prospects who is expected to slot in at second, though if a trade for Dozier was worked out it is probable that the closest middle infield prospects the Braves do have would be sent to the Twins in return.

The problem for the Braves is that trying to trade for Dozier would mess up a farm system that they have spent two seasons rebuilding and fixing in Atlanta. The trade rumors surrounding Atlanta and Dozier are more than likely just that for those reasons. Atlanta didn’t spend the farm for what they needed most, an ace there is little reason to think they would change their minds for a position that they already have filled.

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The Braves are doing the right thing by sticking with their system and are not one big addition from being able to compete. Because of that they should stick with the plan and continue to be patient for just a little while longer.